Extreme makeover

After one year of working with a number of developers on my project, I have felt every negative emotion you could feel. So after all of that struggle(I like to think of it as my learning process).. I’m happy to say that I’ve found someone that I trust to work on my site and understands my goals and needs. Nahuel from Cristal Media has been my savior and I hope to work with him more in the future. Gracias Nahuel!!

We are currently changing the look of ExchangeALanguage.com. We think a few design changes will help users in the community navigate easier… and it’s all about you guys, so don’t be afraid to email me any feedback– feedback@exchangealanguage.com

I hope you like our new look. And if you don’t???  Then let us know.

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  1. nahuelhds says:

    Thank you very much for this post. As you can imagine, I’m not alone on your project. We are team working hard on this.

    Is really a pleasure to know that our job have good effects on you. We hope that the community can enjoy it too when the work is finished. =]

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