My first solo trip to see a movie at the theater was to see ‘The Social Network.” I mostly went because people were telling me that I needed to see it since I was running a social network of my own. The movie was good, not earth shaking by any means.

I did take away a couple things away from the movie. First off, I’m so happy that what I’m doing is my vision/idea. Secondly, I’m glad I’m doing it alone(even though at times it’s overwhelming). I like that I’m the one to make all the decisions. Lastly, I liked what Mark(whether he really said it or not) said about Facebook when his partner wanted to monetize. He replied, “We don’t even know what it is yet, it’s just cool.” I feel the same about It’s still so new. It needs time to slowly grow and find out what the community actually is how it functions. As much as I’d like it to blow up as fast as facebook, I don’t feel ready. I want to build this slow and steady and learn as much as possible in the process.

With that being said, I’ll have to tap into some other resources for my own living wages as well as money to update the site. Today was my first day of the school year as a substitute teacher. 🙂 The kindergarden class I taught were all native Spanish speakers so it was not only great to make money, but to practice Spanish too.

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  1. mohitpahwa says:

    i want to improbvw my english

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