Why pen pals are great

Pen pals have always been a fun way of learning about new people and often culture. In elementary school, I remember my pan pal from Arizona and the anticipation of receiving that letter in the mail.

Technology has changed the game of pen pals. We can communicate with someone on the other site of the world at lighting speeds… through messaging or even voice chat. This is a huge advantage for language learners.

With thousands of members of ExchangeALanguage.com, it’s easy to find a language partner. Some benefits of finding a pen pal are:

  • Making a new friend
  • Learning about a culture
  • Improving your foreign language

And you don’t have to wait for snail mail for your next correspondence.

You can start by searching for a pen pal in the partner search and connect with someone new. Be sure to search for an “online exchange.”

Have fun!

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