“Hey Gringo, Learn Spanish!”

Spanish Learning Resources

For all the gringos out there.. Learning Spanish? Here are some links to help you. If you know of any good ones that I have missed, add the links in the comments section. Enjoy!

Transparent Language Spanish Blog — Useful tips of learning Spanish – in English.

Word of the day —  Learn a new word everyday with audio to get the pronunciation right.

About.com-Spanish — Across the board grammar information.

StudySpanish.com — More Spanish grammar and even some exercises.

Page of Slang from Guatemala

Blogs in Spanish or about Spanish learning:

Algo Mas Que Traducir

Castillian vs Spanish — SpainExpat.com Blog

Have a gmail account? You can add a Spanish word of the day to your iGoogle Home and while you are setting up your homepage, you can subscribe to my blog. 😉

Watch shows online:

Programs from Spain

Spanish movies, tv, and documentaries


Other Resources:

Spanish Dictionary

Google Translator

Books:(All books available on Amazon new or used.)

Spanish for Dummies — Organized well

501 Spanish Verbs (personal favorite)

Mexican Slang — by Elizabeth Reid

The Big Red Book of Spanish Idioms — by Peter Weibel

Dirty Spanish — by Juan Caballero

You can also create your own flashcards to test yourself and create language goals so you stay on track.. all at ExchangeALanguage.com

Buena suerte!

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3 Responses to “Hey Gringo, Learn Spanish!”

  1. susan smith says:

    Thanks for sharing this nice information.I liked this blog a lot…it has some good Spanish tutorials and is being updated on a regular basis.The computer by way of the internet can also help to learn Spanish easily.

  2. Aixa says:

    This is mine, so beware: I am definitely biased. Mucho Spanish for iPad

    Take a look here: http://www.muchospanish.tv

    Coming soon to the iPhone and iPod touch. Since the site was so kind to invite links, I’ll give Mucho Spanish promo codes for free to the first three people who respond. That’s my thanks to the site. We also have a free newsletter at the site where you can learn some vocabulary and do some activities.

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