How to Say Earth in Different Languages

Happy Earth Day!! Since I just love the earth, I’ve complied translations of the beautiful word in some different languages. (languages with different characters are missing because they don’t show up when I add them?)

Haitian Creole: sou latè

French: terre

Slovenian: zemlja

Spanish: tierra

Catalan: la terra

Basque: lurra

Swedish: jorden

Finish: maa

Welsh: ddaear

Dutch: aarde

Italian: terra

German: Erde

Hungarian: föld

If you are new to the blog, check out the Free Language Exchange Community. Find a language partner when you join for free and learn how to say earth in even more languages.

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3 Responses to How to Say Earth in Different Languages

  1. Safeen says:

    Kurdish: ?? ?? ( zawy)

  2. Zarghona Rassa says:

    Zamin in Dari or Farsi

    MZaka in Pashto

  3. Admin says:


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