Improving a Language – Writing

There are many ways to improve a language. Writing is a great way to improve your skills while communicating with others.

Here are some ideas of how to practice…

1. Write a Blog – Use a blog to practice your writing skills.

2. Keep a journal – This is a good idea because you are using words and thoughts that are apart of your life. If you practice writing them, they will be more familiar to you when you want to say them.

3. Tweet – Use Twitter to communicate short phrases or sentences to others.

4. Pen pal – Get a pen pal via email with a language partner. You can correct each others’ mistakes and learn more about their culture.

5.  To-Do lists – Write your to-do lists each day in the language.

6. Chat – Chat with new friends through Skye or facebook. (Also look to chat with other members of check back for new updates!)

7. Essays – Choose a topic that you are passionate about and write about an essay.

Be sure to have a language partner check over your work and correct any mistakes so that you learn from it. Writing takes some time, but it can be very helpful to becoming confident with the grammar. It can help you speak more confidently, especially about a topic you have written a lot about.

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2 Responses to Improving a Language – Writing

  1. LK Kandpal says:

    Great! Hope to get connected with more language teachers.

  2. Jim Jones says:

    These are good points.
    I do Mandarin Coaching and Tutoring via phone / Web ( and each point is good because of this: production. Each of the things listed has something to do with the language learner producing, on his or her own, the language in question. This is important for improvement.
    I’d add that for a language such as Chinese, which has such a complicated writing system, using a more basic writing system (such as Pinyin – a romanization system for Mandarin) to practice the writing helps, if you are an adult and if you do not have an urgent need to develop writing skills right away.
    ———-Seeking officials, academics, business people and entertainment people who speak Mandarin but who could use some good help. My accent is mildly Beijing and it is standard and educated. Fluency confidence, expression, accent. Specialized accent coaching available as well. Have spoken the language well for over 25 years. ———–

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