Who Doesn’t Like a Tongue Twister?

Great for practicing pronunciation when learning a language, here are some tongue twisters that you can have fun practicing with.


Compadre de la capa parda, no compre usted mas capa parda,que el que mucha, capa parda compra, mucha capa parda paga.Yo que mucha capa parda compré, mucha capa parda pagué.

brother of the brown gown, don’t buy anymore brown gown, because who buys many brown gowns, pays for many brown gowns. I, who bought many brown gowns, paid for many brown gowns.


Denke nie du denkst,
denn wenn du denkst du denkst,
so denkst du nicht,
so denkst du nur du denkst.

Never think you think,
as when you think you think,
you don’t think,
you only think you think.


Dietro a quel palazzo c’è unpovero cane pazzo. Date un pezzo di pane a quel povero pazzo cane!
Behind that palace there’s a miserable crazy dog. Give a little bread to that miserable crazy dog!


Debaixo da pia tem um pinto,enquanto a pia pinga, o pinto pia,quanto mais a pia pinga, mais o pinto pia.
Under the sink there’s a chick, while the sink leaks, the chick cheeps, the more the sink leaks, the more the chick cheeps.


Natacha n’attacha pas son chat Pacha qui s’échappa. Cela fâcha Sacha qui chassa Natacha.
Natacha did not chain/tie her cat called Pacha who ran away. Sacha got angry about it and chased Natacha away.

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