How to Find the Time to Practice?

clockI love the idea of language exchanges, of course this is why I created this Language Exchange Community. Although I do have to admit I’m not always ‘on it’ when it comes to practice myself.

I haven’t met with my in-person language partner for a few weeks now and I haven’t chatted with my friend and language partner, Maria on Skype for probably a month! These were my two main ways to practice. But life gets busy at times and it’s not always easy to practice. Even though practicing Spanish is important to me and fun, sometimes other things take priority.

Having a regular time to meet helps keep you on track. Maria and I would try to meet the same time every week on Skype which worked well for a little while, until the time no longer worked for me.

I wouldn’t say I’m exactly ‘slacking’, since most of my time is dedicated to improving an Online Language Exchange Community; so others can practice.:)But if slacking is the case for you, set up a regular time with your language partner and tell them a goal you have to learn and be able to practice by the next meeting. This will keep you on track with your practice and it will help show more improvement in your language skills.

At the end of the day, you have to want to practice and most importantly- have fun doing it. I love practicing Spanish to communicate with my Spanish speaking friends and to learn new things about their cultures. Even though I feel my language skills aren’t as polished as they were when I left Guatemala 2 months ago. I am confident that I can get it back very quickly.

How do you find time to practice with a language partner or friend? (leave your comments below!)



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3 Responses to How to Find the Time to Practice?

  1. David Stroh says:

    Startup wishes to have business card translated from English to Chinese. Perhaps a student could help translate some English to Chinese as well. Can you forward this to someone who can help?

  2. liuziyin says:

    I want to improve my speaking very much?I am looking forward a partner to helping me?THX

  3. liuziyin says:

    Can he or she can help me English?

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