Mandarin Learning Resources

Since this week’s blogs are ‘Chinese’ themed. I’ve compiled a list of Mandarin – language learning resources.

ChineseLet’s learn Chinese Mandarin!

Difficulty level? — Some say that Chinese isn’t as difficult as say French. To an English speaker all those new sounds and tones may seem like a scary task.

Here are some tips to help get over the fears that may come with starting this language.

What’s with these tones? Get familiar with the tones in Mandarin. It’s an important part of learning. English speakers often want to speak other languages with English speaking rules. This mistake can hold you back from progressing with the language. Let yourself go!

What’s the most common tone combination?

Need more explanation about tones?

How do I learn these characters? Understand that learning takes time so learn the characters little by little. Get a good reference book or workbook and have a teacher, friend or language partner correct them.

How am I going to learn the Mandarin Grammar? Find out what works best for you – attending a class, online program, private tutor, language partner, software program or self learning with a book. We all learn different. Find out what works best for you and do it your best!

Chinese Tools – Great resource for learning which includes a dictionary, forums, tips and lessons.

Chinese Mandarin Learning Podcasts:

Please help grow this list and information of resources. Comment below! Thanks!

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  1. Johann says:

    Thank you Janelle for this great article. If anyone is interested in learning Mandarin in Shanghai, please let me know! Johann from easyMandarin

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