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The other day I wrote about my experience moving to Spain after college and teaching English. I did it almost 2 years in of real world job experience.. oooh scary. The great thing is I meet people all the time that have left their routine lives for a change of pace and new experience.

Teaching English is a great option – but it’s not the only option! Here are some other good options for you to explore through traveling or living abroad.

Without the thought of dollar signs… WHAT IS YOUR DREAM JOB? Really, if you could do anything in the world, what would it be?

Here are some resources to get you hungry for your adventure.


Peace Corps

Concern America

Mercy Ships : Short term volunteer positions as crew members on a fleet of hospital ships that stop in over 75 ports around the world.


Here are some great places to start when looking for a jobs overseas. Expand your horizons. Search for a job you’ve always wanted to do instead of something you have experience in.

Global Art Jobs

Club Med – Tourism/Resort jobs

Easy Au pair – Au pair positions listed all over the world.

WWOOF – Farm work in every corner of the world.

Escape Artists – Website includes working and volunteer positions worldwide.

Working Overseas – Guide to working in other countries.

International Jobs – Subscription charge reasonable.

Expat Life

Expat Reunite

Expats Community

Expat Exchange

Expat Forum – Community of Expats


Check out these for a great cultural experience while staying with a local for free. (Don’t just use these communities for free lodging, do it for the experience.)

Global Freeloaders

Couchsurfing (My personal favorite)

Homestays For Peace

Experience culture, learn a language, live your life! Don’t forget to keep the ExchangeALanguage Community in mind while abroad for meeting locals and practicing languages.

Please share your experience or dreams below!

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