We Want You!

ExchangeALanguage.com is looking for feedback from you.


That’s right, I’m talking to you. You are clever, detail oriented, and enjoy interacting with others. You are also really passionate about languages and cultures. That is why we need your opinion on what we are doing with the Language Exchange Community. We are changing things up a bit and need your help. They don’t call it a community for nothing right?

You also enjoy the spotlight, so we are putting your photo with a short bio of you on our special “Member Board” page. You deserve it for being a leader in your community! GO YOU!!!

Only 10 lovely, appreciated opinions will be heard so contact me now for details of how YOU can make a difference.




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2 Responses to We Want You!

  1. Hi
    Do you have TESOL graduates who would like to teach in China??
    If so please advertise this and will follow up on the matter

    Kind regards

    Dr I Morgan

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